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Shamrock Farms
Arick and Cindy Landis
Gaston, Indiana


Shamrock Farms has over 17 years of experience in producing top quality show pigs
and breeding stock. We specialize in BERKSHIRES, DUROCS and CROSSBREDS.

Reserve Grand Champ "ECLIPSE"
Southwest Type Conference
Reserve Grand Champion
Berkshire Boar

Bred and Shown by Shamrock Farms
Sold at the 2010 SWTC

2010 was a banner year for us….in addition to winning at the SWTC, we also had Reserve Grand Champion Berkshire male at Shaffer's Goldrush customer appreciation sale. We cut back in 2011 due to the economy but still had 7 class winning Durocs and Berks in out-of-state shows. We've revved up for 2012 by changing semen suppliers and this proved to be a wise decision! We have an outstanding set of January Berks and Durocs sired by "What Else" Berk Boar, "Tribute" Duroc Boar and "Buckaroo" Duroc Boar from Upperhand Genetics. We truly feel like we have the "UPPER HAND" and so do our customers. None of our customers who have bought off the farm this spring have spent less than 2 hours trying to make a decision on which ones to take - they are that kind of quality. We know these pigs will stand in the top 3 if fed right in any show from the Expo to the State Fairs. 

Have questions?...Give us a call at 765.748.8295, email us at shamrockshowpigs@gmail.com or 

look for us at the Summer Type Conference in Springfield, IL.

Check out the pictures on this page for our selection of stock available!

Offered by Shamrock Farms, these Berkshire litters are purebred and registered with the American Berkshire Association.
These Berks are out of the "Making History" Boar from Shaffer Genetics. They are heavily muscled, sound and able to pack on the pounds!
Prices range from $275 to $475...call or email to place an order or for more details.

Berk 2
Berk 3
Berk 4

These Shamrock Farms Duroc litters are
purebred and registered with the National Swine Registry.
These Durocs are heavily boned and sound. We don't think you'll see a better quality Duroc!
Prices range from $325 to $525...call or email us to place an order or for more details.
Duroc 1
Duroc 2
Duroc 3
Duroc 4
Duroc 5
Duroc 6

Email us at shamrockshowpigs@gmail.com or give us a call at 765.748.8295 if you have any questions!